Take the tour and see ALL the porcelain represented on this site!

There is quite a lot of porcelain on this web site and it could be pretty tiresome clicking on each page to cover everything.

Instead take the tour! It is a tour which will help you through this site by means of the arrows. Let me explain: There are four arrows. These small ones are in the upper right and left corners.

till märkets indexsida!  framåt ett steg!

The one in the upper left corner will take you back to the index of the current brand of porcelain. For example Rörstrand. The arrow in the upper right corner will take you one step forward.

Let’s say you're on Rörstrand pe. The right arrow will take you to the next letter combination, which in this case is pi. If you get tired of the tour and wish to go directly to, say, Rörstrand s you click the left arrow and you are back at the index page of Rörstrand. When you are there you can click on the letter s. If you get tired of Rörstrand and want to see Gustavsberg instead, choose the big arrow in the lower left corner:

till indexsidan!

This will take you back to the homepage. The lower right arrow will, as the upper right, take you to the next letter combination.

framåt ett steg!

This means that you, after scrolling, don’t have to go back up to get to the next page. Use the arrows to go all the way round.

Try a tour below and make your way by means of the arrows:

Gefle a

Gustavsberg ab

Röstrand ab